Gourmande Ø4cm (1,57")
Gourmande Ø4cm (1,57
Gourmande Ø4cm (1,57")
Gourmande Ø 4cm
  • Puff pastry ready to fill for the aperitif or dessert
  • Round shape
  • Golden yellow color
  • Crispy and crunchy structure
Dough: Puff pastry
Dimension: Ø4cm/1,57"
Storage: Dry
Shelf life: 17 months
Application: Sweet/Savoury
Preheat (10' at 180°C): Yes
Freezable: Yes
Application: Hot/cold
example Cash & Carry

example Cash & Carry

example vrac

example vrac

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Tips and tricks
  • Refreshing your puff pastry
  • Warm use ; Fill the puff pastry product with your filling of choice. Depending on your filling, you will need a heating time in the oven of more than 5 minutes. The minimum time needed for the puff pastry product to be crispy and airy is 5 minutes in a traditional oven of 160° Celsius.

    Cold use ; Puff pastry is at its best after a heating time of 5 minutes in a traditional oven of 160° Celsius. This gives you a crispy airy puff pastry. When used cold, please refresh in the oven first, let cool off and then garnish with your filling of choice.

    In the recipe section you can find several ideas for warm and cold use.

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