R&D - Innovation

Pidy, world leader in dry puff pastry and competitive player in 5 other types of dough such as short crust, choux, sponge cake, fonçage dough and croustade dough is the result of a policy geared towards innovation.

Since 1967 a continuous process of innovation has been taking place in terms of product development for forms and dough types, optimizing packaging, production techniques and applications.

Every member of staff is dedicated to this process. From production to sales, R&D to marketing. Following tendencies in the market, watching customers and following up customers, monitoring laboratory scale tests and industrial test production runs, and also tests in the market with customers lead eventually to a new successful product.


Awards and nominations confirm the strong innovation in recent years.

           Casual Dining Show - Innovation Challenge 2014 Finalist




 Pidy launches the Fruity Cups: 100% natural fruit flavoured cups, ideal for desserts.




Introduction of the Veggie Cups: un produit 100% naturel à base de légumes.

  Nomination for DUOBELLE in the DESIGN X KORTRIJK yearbook 2008 with an exhibition and a mention in the pavilion of DESIGN @ WORK at the INTERIEUR BIENNALE 2008, interior design fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. 
  Pathfinder award for the COFFEE CUP at the yearly HORECA EXPO fair 2009 in Gent, Belgium.
  Prix Spécial du Jury, Special prize of the jury, in the category GROCERY for the SPOONETTE CHEF LAURENT at the SIAL 2008 n Paris, France. A fantastic recognition for a totally new range of consumer products with the Spoonette as eye catcher.
  Nomination Trends and Innovation in the category CATERING for the MINI CONE NEUTRE + artist pallet at the SIAL 2008 in Paris, France.

Every day brings a new challenge to develop new unique products and stay a step ahead in a market which become more and more competitive. 
Pidy launches many new innovations in 2015! Come and discover them at a Pidy stand in a fair or contact us!